English Question paper for class 6th first semester

Hbse /bseh Haryana board question paper for class 6th English first semester

Class VII                   Subject English                      Maximum Marks-50
Q.1 (a) Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow:        2X5=10
He were a question mark for toil,
An overcoat of gray,
He sat up straight to eat a nut,
He liked to tease and play,
And if we ran around his tree,
He went to other way.
(I) What is the name of the poem ?
(II) What is the name of the poet ?
(III) What colour is the squirrel ?
(IV) What does the squirrel eat ?
(V) What does the squirrel like to do ?
 When everybody says, yes please,
The rebel says, No thank you.
When everybody says, No thank you.
The rebel says, yes please.
It is very good that we have rebels
You may not find it very good to be one.
(I) What is the name of the poem ?
(II) What is the name of the poet ?
(III) What does the rebel say when everybody says, yes please ?
(IV) What does the rebel say when everybody says, Not thank you ?
(V) How is it for us to have rebels ?
Q.2 Choose the correct answer:- 1X2=2
(I) How does the squirrel sit?
(a) flat                (b) tumbling
(c) straight        (d) stooping
(II) Is it good to have rebels?
(a) Yes               (b) No  
(c) May be        (d) May not be

Q.3 Write the meaning of the following words:- 1X10=10
(I) Never (II) Future  (III) Dust   (IV) Scream   (V)  Crazy  (VI) Pets (VII) Chance  (VIII) sweat   (IX) surprised  (X)  Moon light
Q.4 Answer to following questions briefly on the basis of your text-book (Honey comb). (Do any two questions) 3X2=6
(a) Why did the king want to know answers to three questions?
(b) How does Ravi get milk for the Kitten?
(c) What three things did Gopal do before the went to buy his hilsa-fish?
Q.5 Choose the correct answer for the following:- 1X3=3
(I) Where did the Hermit live?
(a) In a wood    (b) In a forest
(c) In a hut on the bank of river
(d) None of these.
(II) What is the name of Ravi’s mother?
(a) Rukku Manni   (b) Hirya
(c) Devi mami   (d) Rukhsana
(III) What did everyone talk about?
(a) Whale-fish   (b) Hilsa-fish
(c) Dolphin-fish (d) None of these
Q.6 Answer the following questions:- (Do any two questions) 3X2=6
(a) How long does it take for a grub to become complete ant?
(b) Why did Kari push his friend into the stream?
(c) How to the smaller desert animals fulfill their need for water?
Q.7 Choose the correct answer:- 1X3=3
(I) Where do ants live?
(a) anthills  (b) trees  (c)  holes  (d) all of the above
(II) Who was Kari?
(a)  an elephant (b) a tiger (c) a boy (d) a Dog
(III) What can a desert have?
(a) Mountains (b) hills (c) both (d) None of these.
Q.8 Write an application to the headmaster for Sick leave. 1X10=10
Write an application to the headmaster for Urgent piece of work.

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