Earth as a mother Great article by cbse student Sami Hussain from DR.K.N. Modi global school newai

We owe Mother Earth a Moral Duty
Mother Earth has bountiful resources for our needs but not for our greed
The cry of mother earth is tearing the heavens but human ear remains deaf to her. The patience of mother earth is being tested every moment. Her claddings of green are being shredded; her vital organs are being chocked with pollutants and she is gasping for breath. Who is to blame for this plight of mother Earth? None other than we the humans, who actually should have been grateful to her for her relentless service to mankind.
The million dollar question arises that for how long can mother earth survive this exploitation. It is high time that we take up this
matter very seriously and the only medicine of this ailment of mother earth is conservation.

Nowadays, conservation is very important. We are losing our precious nature. Our beautiful mountains, precious water and fertile soil are friendly animals and birds; and minerals are now being threatened. Government is putting in a lot of effort to save all this. It is also implementing so many schemes to save the rich flora and fauna and the air water and soil. Government is making so many wildlife sanctuaries, reserves zoos and botanical gardens and initiating and implementing cleanliness drives. But only this will not do. We also have a crucial role to play in this regard.
 We have to change our approach and stop being callous. water is one of the most important resources for our life. We have only 0.01% portable water. But we don’t mind polluting it by dumping industrial waste and sewage into it; bathing and washing clothes in water bodies is a common phenomenon all over the country. These activities are a major cause of outbreak of epidemics and other life threatening diseases.
Landfill is an area where we dump our garbage. The decomposition of house hold waste in open releases methane in the environment which is another health hazard. Landfill takes about 8 years to change into manure. Further plastic products do not decompose.
Our lethargic lifestyle has made us slave to gadgets and automobile which is polluting the ari and depleting the ozone layer which is a shield against the harmful rays of the sun.
In the chase of fashion and maintaining a zero figure, we are hacking down trees and ruthlessly killing animals for various products and fat free and protein rich food. This activity of ours is disrupting the food chain web and depriving animals of their habitat which is the major cause of extinction of species and their being endangered.For example, the 323 Jordan Cursor which was seen in Bhartpur  (Raj.) in 1982, was only 13 in 2002 and has not been seen after 2009.
Small efforts on our part can work wonders. We must implement waste management programmes and educate the public on management of waste. We can adopt programmes being followed by other countries besides our indigenous practices.One such good example is that of the USA. In the US Saint Patraik’s Day is observed. On this day garbage is collected more than the other days, to manage that garbage, it is firstly heated and after that electricity is  generated from that garbage. Organic waste can be converted into manure which alone can increase the productivity of the soil to such an extent that there will never be food scarcity in India. Parks like the Indraprasthapark in Delhi can be built in areas treated as landfill. Besides if we incorporate the 3R’s – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse we will not only work towards healing mother  earth of the wounds inflicted by us but will also ensure a better tomorrow for ourselves and  our generations to come.
                                                                                                                                           -Sami Hussain
                                                                                                                       DR. K. N. Modi Global School, Newai


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