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1. the OFFICE application come with a sophisticated help system designed to clear all doubts and solve all the problems swiftly and smoothly.
What is the shortcut key to invoke office assistant?

2.Give any two advantages of internet?
Give a brief answer.

3.We know that operating system acts as an interface between user and computer hardware.
In Linux operating system what does mv indicate?
Give a brief answer.

4.We know that operating system acts as an interface between user and computer hardware.
In Linux operating system what does cd indicate?
Give a brief answer.

5."C" Supports some special operators. A special operator is used to allocate memory space dynamically during execution of the program.
Which operator is used to returns the length of specified variable in terms of bytes in 'C'?
Give a brief answer.

6.While working in a word document, tool tips are displayed whenever the mouse passes over toolbar button needlessly.
How to avoid this embarrassing situation?
Give a brief answer.

7.The user has to print two sided sheets of paper for a document consisting of 35 pages.
What option should be selected in the drop down print pick list at the bottom of the print dialog box.
Give a brief answer.

8.The Ms excel provides three basic components that performs different task.
What is the use of chart component?

9.Numbers and values that are numerals 0 Through 9 which decimal points (.).
What is the command to increase the decimal places to 5?

10.While writing programs in VB.NET , we need to declare a variable with its data type. Declaring Data Type lets Visual Basic. NET know how to handle the item in memory.
What is the size of the integer vanable?

11.In programming using VB.Net, We can retrieve the current system date and time write the function neame that returns the current system date and time.
Give a brief answer.

12.We can retrieve data from database using SQL statements?
Which operator is used to retrieve range of data between teo values.

13.Write the syntax of grep command?
Give a brief answer.

14.Define window
Give a brief answer.

15.What is the use of gutters?
Give a brief answer.

16.Word supports almost all types of printers printer options changes with respect to the printer selected.
What option should be selected for printing the document from the last page to first page?
A.Collage pages
B.Reverse print order
C.Back to back printing
D.Draft output.
Give a brief answer.

17. Loop statements are used to repeat the block af statement either a specified number of times or until some particular condition has been satisfied.
In ‘C’ Language, which loops statement’s property matches with the repeat…until condition?
A. For loop
B. Do.. while loop
C.manual loop (if statement with goto statement)
D.While loop

18.While an index file is active command is used to rebuild the index file?
D.set index

19.Twisted-pair cables are commonly used as…
A. Electric cables
B. Telecommunication cable
C.Telegram cable
D.None of these

20.Word supports various picture or graphics format to get inserted into the document.
In which format word compresses pictures or graphics and stores them?

21.In control statement several control operations are carried out by combining more than one statement. The break and continue statement plays major role in control operation.
Which of the following control statement is associated with break and continue statement in ‘C’ ?


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